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Balloon photo frame for photo ops!
Change up a weight!  Here is an "ice filled" vase for a hockey themed Bar Mitzvah!
Stenciled and solid Latex, with foil balloons - Wow!
Combining stenciled Latex with solid balloons makes any arrangement more festive!
A string of pearl ballon arch using both 16" solid  and 16" stenciled balloons!
Using clear and colored Latex balloons help create this Under the Sea themed Bat Mitzvah!
Great Gatsby themed 3' balloons!
A wine tasting 30th Birthday celebration!
A Mylar balloon string of pearl arch!
Balloon clouds, also called balloon topiaries.
A different background for photo ops - various heights of balloon trees!
A sweet 16 Broadway themed balloon weight base!
tiffany 2 (2) retouched.jpg
Combination of a string of pearl arch with columns and balloon clouds over the dance floor!
The entrance hallway balloon trees help create the mood for a broadway themed Sweet 16!
tiffany themed party.JPG

Believe it or not, these photos are from two separate events, both having the same theme.  Two totally different looks, but both beautiful!  The

photo on the left has balloon cloud centerpieces, while the one on the right has small columns with a string of pearl arch over what was used for the DJ table.

String of pearl arch - simple yet elegant!
IMG_2316 - Copy.JPG

Grecian styled balloon columns, topped with a three

foot clear balloon, are connected to a string of pearl arch for a garden themed Senior Prom.  The columns

are decorated with gold tipped flower garlands to carry through the garden like atmosphere of the room.  The arch is made of a combination of eleven and sixteen inch balloons, giving it a unique look.  

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